MCM London Comic Con May 2016

Article by Federica Roberti

Photos by Colin Hart

If you are looking for a chance to let your inner nerd come out to play, this past weekend was the perfect moment to just do that and bask in the glory that the MCM London Comic Con can offer to people who are really passionate about all things manga, anime, movie and tv-series.

Located in the Excel London, the MCM London Comic Con offers the perfect location to accommodate all the different stands for any kind of fan.

Divided into two spacious exhibition rooms, this three day event, offers any kind of entertainment. If you are looking for a chance to show your mad skills in creating costumes, or are in desperate need to collect memorabilia from your favourite comic book, or if you simply want to have a chance to meet and take a picture with one of your favourite guest actors, this is exactly what the MCM London Comic Con can give you.

Since the event is spread through three days, fans have the chance to either buy passes for the whole duration or to choose from one of the three days. In this case my advice would be to avoid the Saturday sloth, as it is the busiest day of the MCM London Comic Con. In fact, if you are a person that prefers to brows around in tranquillity, the best day to do so will be Sunday, because the amount of people, dressed up or not, will be less than the one that invades the event during Saturday.

If you want the full fan experience throughout the exhibition, there are several panels that you can attend to hear the famous guest gush about their tv-shows and their future projects. This, of course, might be a really nice chance to see them as up close as possible and share a laugh with them.

Going around the different stands, it’s another great experience. Among all the amazing cosplayers, you can find all the gadgets every fan needs. By walking around in the crowded area everyone can buy what they were looking for. From T-shirts to the Funko Pop inspired by the many characters from every fandom, all the fans’ desires are met. If, instead, you want to try the latest games that came out, you can also do that by stopping by the many game stations scattered among all the stands.

However, the most appealing attraction for many of the people coming to MCM London Comic Con is the chance, even if only for a handful of minutes, to touch and meet their favourite actors.

Each year the MCM London Comic Con provides an enviable list of famous guests from different tv-shows or movies. This year among the most popular ones, like Jesse Eisenberg, John Noble and Dominic Cooper, there were many actors from different tv-shows. Some of them were available only for the fan panels on selected days, but others were available for pictures and autographs as well.

From the highly acclaimed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D there were Elizabeth Henstridge (Gemma Simmons), Luke Mitchell (Lincoln Campbell) and Nick Blood (Lance Hunter), along with Lotte Verbeek, there to represent Agent Carter, unfortunately cancelled by the ABC.

There to meet the fans there were also: from the CW Arrow Willa Holland and Katrina Law, from Sleepy Hollow Tom Mison and Neil Jackson, from the Canadian tv-series Lost girl Kris Holden Reid, Rachel Skarsten, Paul Amos and Zoie Palmer, there to also present Dark Matter, a new tv series.

From the British production Being Human, Lenora Critchlow, Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner were also there to meet the fans, along with many others (the list will be too long to write down).

However, the MCM London Comic Con isn’t an event just for the fans. In fact, if other than maybe be an actual fan, you are also a professional in the Entertainment field, the MCM London Comic Con offers you many opportunities to create valuable content for your website or outlet.

After applying and being accepted for a press pass, there are several opportunities to make the most out of the many guests at the event. The organisation runs smoothly and the staff is really open and helpful throughout the three days. Everyone who had a press pass had the chance to film and actively participate in the 20 minutes long press conferences, with many of the actors present at the event, set in one of the many rooms prepared for the occasion. If it was possible, some of them were even available for one on one interviews, giving the opportunity to everyone who was interested, to have more time to ask detailed questions.

Filming all the panels was also allowed throughout the event, so the press had the chance to document the event as much as possible, by filming the actors interacting with their fans.

All in all, the MCM London Comic Con is one of the best events for content, organisation and opportunities given to fans to interact with many of their idols, or to just show their costumes after spending so much time to perfect every small detail.