Christopher Ræburn SS17 NOW LIVE

With fabric innovation and sustainability at the core of the brand, approximately 30 percent of Christopher Raeburn’s Fall 2017 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s was recycled from his REMADE line of reconstructed army uniforms, this season Christopher Ræburn uncovers the power of resilient and functional fabrications through the use of materials including Nomex, Airbrake, Tyvek® and a truly unique fabric development with long term partner Avery Dennsion RBIS.

For SS17 Christopher Ræburn contrasts the vision of a terrestrial dystopian future as portrayed in George Lucas’ film debut, “THX 1138” with the hope and momentum of the early years of the Race for Space. His newest collection is composed of both menswear and womenswear ready to travel a valiant journey from launch, capsule, extra-vehicular activity and touch down, drawing inspiration from both pioneering construction and idealistic stargazing.

As per usual, Ræburn introduces a new mascot and as always he stays true to the collection’s vision – this season a rocket graphic features throughout the Capsule segment of the collection emblazoned across jerseys and in the shape of a leather rocket bag. Jersey pieces form the Capsule section of the collection through the introduction of a field jacket and bomber jacket with mesh sleeves, layering options come in the form of lightweight track tops and gilets. Some of his previous bags can still be found on the official website, for the time being.

Genuine sustainable innovation comes in the form of yarn blend comp weave, developed in collaboration with Avery Dennison RBIS. The Extra-Vehicular Activity of a cosmonaut journey is reflected through the lunar graphics and iconographic manifestos which feature throughout a series of statement pieces within the collection, each emulating the monochromatic out of world inspiration.

Ræburn’s REMADE ethos is demonstrated through the Touch Down section of the collection in which the signature Airbrake parachute material has been re-imagined to form over-dyed shorts and classic outerwear menswear pieces. The Airbrake continues through to the womens collection in the shape of lightweight dresses and paneled skirts.

The Avery Dennison RBIS collaboration remains throughout the accessories range with statement component weave backpacks alongside advanced versions of the iconic packaway bag series.

Dead-stock Nomex, a fabric inherently fire and water resistant, is reworked to create a bold mandarin parka featuring modular compartments and oversized velcro straps; borrowing the multi-functional elements of hard-wearing space-wear. Industrial white Tyvek® is constructed into lightweight outerwear and separates. Throughout the collection, detachable woven badges allow the wearer to mix and match lunar-inspired motifs, a playful element that will continue each season.

The Christopher Ræburn SS17 collection is now live and you can shop menswear, womenswear & accessories range for the official website. Also, keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for deals, news or sample sales.