Why is Downloadhub Not Opening?

As time and technology changed, the market for pirated movie sites is growing very fast. Various movie pirating websites offer free movies downloading in SD as well as HD quality.

It is necessary to know that DownloadHub is one of those websites that is banned by the Indian Government and has asked the citizens not to use it to stream or download movies. So, to be safe from the Indian Government, the Downloadhub website keeps changing its domain name or extension or keeps adding different aliases of the domain so that the same site can open on another similar domain without losing the leading site.

Why is Downloadhub Not Opening?

Within hours of the release of any Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood movies, this site gives you a hall print of the movies, which is not legal in India.

What is Downloadhub?

It is a website that contains the trending and latest movie collection with excellent picture quality and offers the feature of dual audio as well. Your favorite movies are available in different resolutions like 420p, 720p hevc, 720p, and 1080p with the dual audio feature. You can also download the movie within 350 MB only. If you have a high-speed internet connection, it takes a few minutes or seconds.

This site is not limited only to movies; it also enables its users to watch trailers, web series, video songs online, or download to watch later. The latest PC games, Mp3 Songs, and movies in other languages are also available here. The simple design of Download Hub’s website allows users to traverse the website and look for the content they want. The owner of the site is unknown.

Unlike other sites, this website does not contain any kind of viruses, or that can cause any harm to your device. If you are using a VPN, you won’t face any kind of trouble. You don’t have to pay any currency to download it on your device or to watch your content online streaming.

Now you must be wondering why I choose Downloadhub? Well, the answer is simple. It is so popular and has one of the most significant collections of content in different categories.

How Does DownloadHub Website Work?

DownloadHub is a free movie, shows, and games download site, which is operated by some unknown people from hidden locations. This website has several million active users monthly. The owners of the website make a lot of money because of this reason.

DownloadHub website doesn’t use Google AdSense for earning. It uses different advertisement networks like “media dot net, Infolink’s, Taboola ads, and different link shortening sites” to earn money. These are the captcha skipping or the pop-up ads, so the users must have patience and have to wait for those ads to close or disappear. Firstly, in starting the website used to offer only Hindi Bollywood movies, but now it has begun providing web series, drama, documentary, games as well as TV serials.

Why Is DownloadHub Not Opening?

Cyber Citizens were given the internet world full of entertainment and information, which is served on their computer and mobile screens with just one click/touch. Movie fans keep looking for newer shows and movies to watch on different platforms. This search leads them to different illegal sites like DownloadHub, which are responsible for pirating the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies online for free online streaming and for downloading.

The total box-office collection of movies across the world is getting affected by piracy, and this led to a decrease in the total number of movie fans reaching the cinema halls to enjoy the newly released movies. Losses incurred by the TV and film industry have crossed the line of millions of dollars because of this unlawful piracy spreading websites.

Many professionals in the film industry have tried standing up against movie piracy problems by being vocal about it and by filing a lot of complaints. But, websites like DownloadHub providing free movie download seem to have no end to their unlawful activities.

This is why the DownloadHub site is blocked by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to reduce piracy. But still, all the sites that are blocked can be accessed by various methods that I will share in another post here only.

How Is Piracy Helping the Industry to Grow?

This is true specifically for third world countries like India, where entertainment is not something that people prefer to pay for. Most Indian parents consider it a waste of time, which leaves no room for young boys demanding any of it from their parents. Piracy is the only option for them to explore the world of video games, and that’s how they develop a love for them and when in future they happen to earn, they’ll buy those games instead of piracy. Pirated games mostly don’t have all the features unlocked, and that’s what urges them to buy the original one, and whoever has the ability doesn’t step back. Many gamers also use pirated games and try a wide variety of games available and then buy the one they like the most to enjoy the full version of it. This improves the number of people the game reaches and also increase in sales if it’s a good one.

Similarly in TV and Movies industries sometimes when a new movie gets released and is liked by the audience very much, then its low-quality theatre recorded picture is pirated, so when the people watch it and like it, then they will divert themselves to the cinema halls to watch the movie in high quality which then benefits the box-office collection of the movie.

This is precisely the reason why so many sites providing pirated content are still live. They take them down but not instantly so that the chain of privacy breaks, and the audience shifts from piracy to legit ways to consume content.

Movies Downloading from DownloadHub Legal or Not?

As DownloadHub is an illegal pirated website, so downloading movies from the Online Pirating Websites is a crime. It is not legal in India to download and stream movies from Downloadhub. This website may not be banned in some parts of the world, but if you are residing in India, then you must stop using this site as it is one of the sites which has been blacklisted by Google Webmasters.

There is a law for Piracy in India that if anyone downloads or streams movies from any illegal website, then it is against the law and is a punishable offense, or the person has to pay a fine. People spreading piracy can be imprisoned, so it is advised that everyone always to stay away from such piracy spreading websites.

Many mainstream celebrities also request the audience to stop piracy and watch movies in cinema halls. Therefore, we also request our readers to watch movies in cinema halls only and Over-The-Top platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Netflix, Voot, Hot star, and many more.


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