Flight Brigade & Robbie Boyd Concert

vbSo the countdown to Christmas has began and everyone is in a huge fuss. Well, at least my friends are. However, from time to time, we should remember to pause a bit and enjoy what is happening around us. With dear ones near, of course. Which is what I plan to do this evening. I touched based previously on how I met Robbie Boyd and how much I enjoy his music, if you haven’t read the article you can find it here, and tonight he is supporting the Flight Brigade during a free concert. Seriously people, free good music! What more do you want?

It would be my first Flight Brigade concert, but I am quite curious to see what they have in store for us. I’ve listened to a few of their songs and they are perfect for a not so crazy but still fun Friday night. In short, three of the band members, and they are quite a few, seemed to have met at quite an young age. Eventually, as time went by, Ollie convinced Miriam and Dory to form a band. Miriam, after quitting acting, was the one to recruit four more people: Thomas Pink (guitar), Neil Blandford (drums), Tom Clay (bass) and Jonny Barker (keyboards). And so it began, a passion driven band: “There’s a charged atmosphere when we perform and it’s that vitality we try to capture when we record and even when we rehearse.”


If you want to join, details can be found on the Flight Brigade and Robbie Boyd Twitter pages. Also, before coming you have to book a free ticket by following this link.If, for whatever reason you can’t make it (fair warning: you shall regret it), just keep an eye on these people, you never know when you will be able to make it in the future. If you can, I’ll be around, so do come and say Hi.